How to cut a star with origami

a star with origami
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How to fold and cut a star using origami

In this article, I’m going to show you a version of the star that can be easily folded and cut to make an original pattern with a center cutout!

You can make it easily by following the steps in this article, so please try making it with your children, grandparents, family, and friends!


How to cut a star with origami

What to prepare

Origami paper of your favorite color


That’s all.

Method and Procedure

First, fold the paper in half into a triangle.

Fold it in half again from there.

Open it back up to the previous state.

You now have a vertical line with a marker.

Align the top of the triangle with the marker and fold it downward.

Fold the top part of the fold directly underneath to fit in the middle as shown in the picture.

Unfold it again and return it to the triangle that was folded in half at the very beginning.

Again, you will only have marked it with a crease.

Fold the triangle into a tulip shape, aligning the two ends of the triangle with the top parallel running edge.

Fold the left edge to fit at the right crease.

Fold the right triangle so that it goes around the back. The shape will look like the picture.

Cut at the line with scissors. The sharper you cut this line, the sharper and sharper the star will be, and the looser you cut the diagonal line, the softer and more round-like the star will be.

After cutting diagonally, cut this black line.

This is what happens.

If we cut here.

This is what it looks like when you open it.

If we cut further

You can make cutout patterns like this!

It’s fun!

You can make your own original star by cutting into it as you like.

This article has shown you how to make a star with a cut-out pattern, but a regular star without a cut-out pattern is much easier to fold and cut. Please refer to this page to make your own.




I have introduced a version of a star that can be made by simply folding and cutting, and can be made with an original pattern inside.

Please prepare origami paper of your favorite color, and enjoy making your original star with a cut-out pattern.

All you need to prepare is

Origami paper


That’s all you need to make it.

a star with origami


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